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About PPDB West Java u for SMA/U.S. level

You may be familiar with PPDB in West Java or the admission of new students when, at the end of the even-level semester, many students or students have to prepare to face PPDB. During the period of admission, new students, of course, must be fully thought out.

Many students feel a dilemma about the choice of school, or if they get on campus, the problem is not only which campus, but also which main one to choose. In addition, the choice of school will affect the long-term plans of students, especially those who will move to graduate school or professional level.

Most people want to get into a higher school, which is a favorite, be it a public or private high school, even many of them are in line and want to become a reserve. Even some parents are ready to spend extra money and things, including cheating, to get to a higher school.

Meanwhile, western Java PPDB still uses the same system as in previous years, namely the zoning system. Starting with junior high school students who will go to high school or vocational school, primary school students who will go to junior high school, and others still use the zoning system, which is currently being implemented on the Internet.

Admission of new students in 2020/2021 in Western Java

The Western Java Provincial Education Bureau itself actually missed the implementation of PPDB in the SMA or UCC in the 2020-2021 academic year. The registration itself will begin in two stages, so for those of you who will register for the SMA or UCC, you can register for stage 1 on June 8-12.

As for the second stage, that is, from June 25, 25, 2020 to July 1, 2020, there is no need to attend the relevant school, since you only need to enter the West Java PPDB  website through the http://siap-ppdb.com/jabar then you will see a new student admission portal in the Western Java province.

After accessing the above page of the site, you will be redirected to the home page. On the main page of the PPDB website or portal, you can see information about the admission of new students in a given year or period, namely 2020-2021, which presents several alternative selection paths.

To get updated information, you should actually access the pages of the site frequently. Don’t let you be left with important information about ppdb West Java registration or completed documents ¬†, so that you can enroll in the destination school. Especially if the school is really the school that you have been fond of for a long time.

Especially now that all the information can be easily obtained, you only need to rely on smartphones and Internet networks. In order to register, you do not need to go to the destination school and you can even get information through online means, especially in the midst of a pandemic like today, it is more advisable to register from home.

How to register on the PPDB portal

Admissions for new students are usually done online and websites have even been provided for each region, including Western Java. You can access the portal for admission of new students in the schedule, as discussed above, there are 2 stages in this way:

  1. Access the Government’s provided page on the West Java PPDB website
  2. You can access it using a smartphone browser, but you can use your computer device more clearly
  3. First of all, you are asked to create an account on the PPDB portal
  4. After creating an account, immediately log in, then you will log in to the main page, select the district or city where you live, or where to register
  5. By clicking on the district or city option, you will be redirected to the level of your choice, be it primary school (SD), junior secondary school (SMP), or senior high school (SMA)
  6. After selecting the school level, it’s time to choose the registration path
  7. In general, on the PPDB portal, you can choose the three most common paths, namely the path of achievement, the path of transfer of parents or guardians, and the path of zoning
  8. Choose the desired path, then register online by entering the necessary documents
  9. Later, the school will check the registration or apply for an account for the file that was
  10. After that, you just need to monitor the results of the selection on the Internet

The most common online applications

As in the discussion above, where there are several paths when registering online on the West Java PPDB portal. The first is the achievement path, this path is designed for future students or students who have achievements outside the school zoning, so that their achievements can be used as a selection setting.

These achievements can create added value, but the path to the achievement of the number of pupils received is only about 5% of the total capacity of the school. There is also a zoning road and this road is the most common, as it prefers the distance of the nearest school residence.

The number of students who will then be admitted along the zoning route is about 90 percent of the school’s total capacity. The concept of zoning depends on the authority of each local government, and the path of transfer of caregiver parents is reserved for students living outside the zoning of the school.

Similar to the path of achievement, when the path of transfer of parents or guardians accounts for only 5% of the total capacity of the school. Indeed, at the moment, the government prefers zoning lanes, but for other zoning bands, you will also continue to compete using report cards.

What to do if it is difficult to register on the PPDB portal?

For those of you who are experiencing difficulties or need more detailed information about the West Java PPDB website, do not worry, because online registration should be helped by a teacher or home room teacher from primary school. So you can ask the home room teacher from the previous school for help to apply for the next level of education.

However, if there are still difficulties or there is more information that you want to ask, you can contact the PPDB Call Center, which is open from Monday to Friday during working hours, that is, from 08.00 to 16.00 WIB. You can call the specified number, which is 500250, or send an email.

To send an e-mail message about complaints or difficulties, you can send a message marketing@siap-online.com. Batang You can also get PPDB West Java  information online through SMS services for XL clients, as the latest information is very important, especially after registering.

There are some tips to consider when registering online, namely to always update the latest information on PPDB at the destination school so as not to miss important information. Because each school has different requirements for completeness documents and different zoning systems.

Also check the completeness of the necessary documents and requirements, of course, when choosing a school to the next level, you need to consult with parents, as well as teachers or teachers of the home room. Before registering on the WEST Java PPDB portal, it is a good idea to choose a school according to the applicable abilities and requirements.

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