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Wahana Call Center can be contacted if there is a consumer complaint

Call centers can be contacted when consumers experience problems. Wahana itself is a freight delivery service. In this service, problems are often found. The consumers of the ride are numerous. This happens because its existence occurs for a long time. In addition, suppliers are also open to launching agents.

Anyone can sign themselves up to become a ride agent. Of course, this is very profitable considering that representation can satisfy a fairamount amount of profits. But with the development of the business continuing, new issues such as continue to arise. In the business world, it is natural.

But as a consumer, the number of problems is certainly uncomfortable. This is where the existence of a call center becomes very important. With its existence, every request can be passed on as far as possible. The answers to get are certainly more satisfying compared to finding a way out by yourself on the internet.

Different ways to contact call centres

There are many ways to choose from when contacting a call center. The easiest way is to call him directly. However, the ride does not provide a phone feature for consumer complaints. This is already a policy of regulation so that consumers have to comply with the consequences.

In return, the call center has been replaced with whatsapp. to contact through whatsapp, first into the wahana.com. Then, there will be a necklace that says customer service.On a laptop, the customer service column is on top with a yellow box.

After entering the customer service page, there are two options for consumers. The options are related to the issues that have been received. That is because, the options are divided into general delivery and services. Choose according to the problem in hand and you will be advised to enter the information.

The information consists of the full name, personal whatsapp contacts, emails, and complaints. Then, contact with the call center will continue through whatsapp.This method of course makes it easier to remember that Whatsapp itself is very popular in Indonesia.In addition, the method also has a cost advantage.

When using a phone, there are tariffs that have to be paid by consumers. But when there is contact through whatsapp, there is obviously no. As another option, customers can also contact wahana via email.  Wahana’s own  official email address is customer.service@wahana.com, however, there is a shortage of services.

The loss of the call center via email is at the speed of response. The response is not as fast as when contacted via whatsapp. In fact, the email itself is more and more used for communications related to advice. That’s because, the email is actually much more objective to neutralize the development of the service.

Rides Info can also be seen via social media

If you want to know more about rides and telecommunications centers, customers must follow their social media. Wahana itself is active on many social media sites. The first platform with the highest level of activity is facebook. The official account itself is the address /wahanaexpressofficial.

However, some people are no longer using Facebook. So, information about the call center can also be obtained via Instagram. The ride’s own official address was @wahanaexpressofficial. The strength of rides on Instagram is also good. His posts are always updated every day.

In addition, his followers are still nearly 20 thousand. Of course, this number cannot be said to be small. If you want to be more formal, customers can really see the ride list on linkedin. The linkedin account of this supplier can be found at the address /wahana-prestasi-logistics. Some businesses are really comfortable looking at the profile s through linkedin.

In addition to communicating information, customers can also communicate with social media admin. Naturally, the benefits are similar to call centres. In journalism, it’s really a similar way at all times. First, enter your personal social media account first. After entering the system, find the official account of the ride.

Make sure the account is official and not fake. In the official account, send a text message according to a question or complaint you have. The messenger’s own medium is different for each platform. For example, you need to install facebook messenger if you want to contact the supplier via Facebook.

Social media errors may lie in the absence of an official twitter account. This is a flaw in itself considering that the number of twitter users in Indonesia is rising again. So, those who are Twitter users must use other social media to get more information.

Problems often experienced by consumers

There are issues that cause consumers to need to contact the call centre. The first issue involves the address of the package delivery. Whether it’s the sender or the receiver, the customer will be harmed if the package is not sent where they want it. There are two things that could be the cause.

The first cause is the writing error of the address while the second is a courier error when sending. If this happens, the call center can be contacted by clearly explaining the sequence. CS will run the report immediately and decide to send it to the right place.

There are also frequent problems using tracking points. The tracking feature itself is very useful for consumers. With this feature, consumers can find the latest location of the goods shipped. However, this trait often does not work as usual. This puts unknown objects in place.

It is clear that this issue makes consumers feel uncomfortable. Typically, tracking problems occurs specifically because of system errors. So, the call center will be able to resolve it quickly if there is a clear report. The state of packages that do not arrive at a pre-determined time can also make consumers uncomfortable.

There are two possibilities why the package may not come yet. The first possibility is due to delays. This happens because of transport problems that can be limited. The second possibility itself is the loss of goods. The problem is very rare and almost never happens.

By contacting the call centre, customers will be clear why the delay can happen. In addition, CS will take immediate action if the packaging is actually lost. If the package cannot be found in the end, there will be further explanation of the process of making a direct claim.

Contact Call Center if you have any questions

In addition to providing complaints, the cycling center  can be used if there are many questions;the question itself may be from a lot of things from price to transportation.But with text, questions related to rides and its consumers.There’s no need to hesitate to ask about it.

This is one of the main functions of CS. After all, you will receive feedback with good and convenient words when communicating directly with CS. Be sure to ask everything in detail so that the answers received can be satisfactory and as needed.

After all, it’s up to you whether to take advantage of the existence of a call centre or not. However, we strongly recommend that its use be as successful as possible. By using, communication between customers and suppliers will go smoothly. Don’t forget to advise the closest person to contact the call centre.

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