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Gojek Call Sante r  helps  customers avoid fraud mode

The use of a  driver  is the right choice for you,  for the youth.  The reason is that there is now  a  GoJEK call centre which is  ready to serve all queries within 24 hours.  It is  easier to use the  services to carry out  daily activities.  Such as ordering food, shuttles to pay bills.

The GoJEK  CS service can resolve  your complaints either as  a driver or as a loyal customer.  With the  help of  a 24-hour telephone,  this problem  can now  be solved easily and quickly.   Team CUstomer SErvis always strives to provide the best service as needed including getting advice or information.

Gojek is a digital company  that  prefers technical acumen to help  people  in  their activities.  It has an office based in Jakarta and  was founded in 2010. As of now, it is still  one of the best and most popular platforms as it is able to run  over time  .

The GoJEK Call Center    provides information to help  you use Gopay digital payment features, traffic, Go Send, and many other favorite products.  Earlier this APK was  a  transportation service with monster vehicles  in  charge  of transporting  passengers  to different places or cities.

A look at the Gojek app

Gojek is an application   that is useful to help people find the nearest driver.  Yesterday, when we were going to find a motorcycle taxi, of course  we had to walk to meet him.  But through this apk, it is enough to order it directly from the smartphone and  let them  find the pick-up location.

We do not need to bargain with  the  drivers as  the  price  is  listed based on  the location by the application.  In addition to serving Ojek passengers, you  can also take advantage  of  gokar facilities for passengers who  want to use  car transport services,  gofood to order food or send  gosand luggage  if  you want  .

Gojek   uses call center bakergo as long as users  submit complaints and questions,  to notify, respond to, or provide solutions.  Through admin CS, every wish can be answered when you are.  Of course, to use it we have  to contact the contact number listed in the application  .

It was Nadeem Makarin and his partner who started the first look of the Gojek application.  To date, the  number of employees already working with the team in 2019 is 3000 people  and this data has been obtained on one of Wikipedia’s largest sites  . The company  became the most widely used platform  by the public.

To  use the Gojek Call Center support service, you can open it via mobile phone  and then  select the  account menu  .  As a new user  , in this initial phase, we need to create an ID by registering first   .  Next, you can  explore features, the best menus including customer service services  .

Procedure for using Gojek Service Center

The stage of registration of gojek  account  is to select the register menu.  Make sure the application  is  downloaded or installed by  Google Play Support for Android users or Playster if your phone is based on iOS.  Then open the APK and then select “My Account” which  is in  the bottom right corner.

The user  needs to  access  the account or profile section  . Then “Help” is written in the menu and you  will be offered a variety of question options.  The location  on the phone can be different situations, so   we need to  update the application to switch to the new  version  .

There is  a draft topic to  look out  for  complaints you   are  facing.   Here is a list  of the most frequently searched  questions  that  customers are looking for.  For example,  problems   related to  profile data, fingerprint features,  how to change the transfer of money to  GoPe or vice versa, and the balance.  Everything is already in the Gojek Call Center.

In addition to the list of topics of the most sought-after  questions  , you  can  also ask complaints about  account  security, various menus, problems in the application  , how to pay, sending, bills   even up to the  point of attractive promo  facilities.  If all complaints are still not resolved, please contact the Gojek Indonesia Call Center service.

The service is free and all users can avail this call.  Customer service managers  are all set to serve customer calls from different regions for 24 hours. Call centers will be  more effective if  you   can contact the CS directly because it is easier to get help.

In addition to using the GoJEK call center feature, customers can use  their official social media accounts from providers like FB, Twitter and IG. Different types of GoRide, GoLife, and Gopay e-wallet payments  can be heavily used without fear of being blocked.

GoJEK protects users from fraud

The  benefit  you can  get when  you take advantage of Gojek’s call center facilities  is that you    no  longer  need to go to the nearest head office or branch.  The complaint process  can be done directly by calling the number +6221-5084-9000  .  Also beware of  fraudulent actions on the part of  the  company.

In addition  to the numbers we mention  , this means that you  should be aware of the modus operandi.  This type of fraudulent activity targets drivers or application users more  and none of them  have fallen prey to it. Also  , 62, 61, 21 etc.  identify   suspicious codes.

The Gojek Call Center never   contacts customers that  they are  putting up  a lottery with  prizes  of millions  or even  hundreds of rupees  through SinnGacht or MesseEnJer messages.  The way to detect this so that you can avoid fraud  is to  report  directly to  an  agent  .

Gojek Frond is a new feature that  allows customers to  continue to receive full protection and priority. The company ensures that your account is also secured during the transaction process on the application.  Because most  cases of  fraud tend  to  target smartphone  users.

And you have to remember once again that while accessing the GoJEK application, whether it is while ordering through it, do  not give an OTP code or one-time password  to anyone, including  customers  .  Or the driver.  Both must  maintain the confidentiality of each other’s accounts/e-wallets for   security reasons  .

GoJEK Call Center helps users detect fraud

Many cases use the name of the  company to grab the attention of  potential  consumers who  will be  blackmailed by luring them to provide OTP codes  . As one of  the official applications,  of  course, Gojek   never cheats as  a  customer partner, specifically seeking an email address, password, or telephone call   through  an  unknown number.

To ensure safety, you can check using  bintang, hashtag and a specific number. The call forwarding code   serves to redirect  when an  incoming call  occurs  and  we may  not even know  if there is  an incoming  call or  not.  Make sure account   security is always maintained   or call the  Gojek Call Center if necessary.

In addition  to forcing you to provide an OTP code, another  fraud mode  can be  done  by asking you to send money from Gope.  The fraudsters  are  trying to trick us into transferring funds to  an unknown  bank  address.  Gojek always emphasizes the importance of maintaining security, especially account  owners.

Securing  accounts  Especially accounts  that contain  information   about personal contacts should be kept strictly confidential.  Gojek is good  for partners or customers of  Indonesia application.  All forms  of  crime to date still  occur  frequently  and  on behalf of  certain parties. This is very damaging  for  many parties.

In fact, we  can prevent all forms  of  access theft or fraud as long as we  want to read about information  that is already available in the application.  In addition,   how can  you maintain secrecy to avoid fake mode.  The GoJEK Call Center is  a complete service that is  ready  to provide information as well as answer questions about your complaints  .

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