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Ford Services Center Rebounds to Recycle Its Use

B.G. aficionados and owners of Forde  vehicles, will be really happy with the return of the Ford Service Center in the  country.After sale of services and official Ford Services Supplies were also actually shut down from Indonesia because the agent holding the brand was left, but now Ford consumers don’t have to worry.

Although it has not opened a service for three years, Ford users can also still have access to the insurance service and service.Unfortunately such services are necessary It is often very rare without talking about finding spare parts, so the closure of the Ford Brand Service Center is somewhat disturbing.

Currently, Forde service centers are  being recovered in Indonesia under PT’s supervision. Business partners. The company is part of the RMA Group. This Indonesia The Russian business partner acts as an official distributor of Ford Indonesian services and its former replacement spare part, namely PT FMI or Ford Motor Indonesia  They also stressed the importance of imitating Thessalon

This official S vice center can certainly provide a lot of convenience for these car users.One of them is the post-sale service of Ford products There are also many other services available to consumers related to vehicle quality care . See the following review for details:

Service delivery for Ford car users

Four-wheelers and two-wheelers, services that are the right of every consumer using products from the company, both vehicles after sale or sale This opportunity is fully permitted by the company to ensure service satisfaction and loyalty.

After sale, some forms of service are discussed with primary spare vehicle components, accessories, product warranties, regular automotive maintenance and discussion You can get services that promote  your car for the next few years while you’re still using it through this Ford Service Center.

This Ford car service and maintenance service will be given the engine condition of your car, the quality of the spare parts, the quality of the spare parts It must be controlled, or maintained to maintain it properly; you can go directly to the Official Services Department and make the entire check.

If the condition of the car parts is found to have been damaged or not working properly, he needs service  and consultation services through the Ford Services Centre You don’t have to worry if your four-wheeled vehicle is damaged or your engine function is not ideal.

Supply of the original Ford components

After the next sale you can enjoy from the official Ford Service Centre the service is quality and original car parts available.Your car’s service And spare parts are essential in maintenance, because the provision of spare parts provides other services.

The spare parts or spare parts themselves are used for repairing, replacing, and maintaining Ford car products purchased by consumers It is classified as a variety of inbound equipment; the original or original components will affect the car’s excellent and overall healthy condition.

The more you are willing to do so, the more you can meet the needs of the car owner, and the quality of the components should be taken into account. You need the quality and the original spare parts to maintain the performance of the Ford car as your own car.

The supply of non-original spare parts will affect the long-term sustainability of the machine. Repairs and repairs from the  Service  Center will be quicker, but the official services department does not have to worry because everything is guaranteed to be original.

Get a guarantee after your purchase

Once the campaign of buying a Ford car is over, another that is consumer rights is to get a warranty on the car.Generally The guarantee itself is a reassurance that gives buyers confidence about the excellent and long-lasting quality of its products over a period of time.

Ford Services Centers suggests that products selected and purchased by consumers are in good condition and ready for use in the next few years They always try to show consumers: if the product is damaged during a predetermined period, consumers can claim a guarantee.

This guarantee is also useful for increasing consumer confidence in the products they buy, which is a real damage to the quality of the product the company has purchased The existence of this guarantee as buyers of this Ford car product is actually very profitable for consumers.

If you want to claim the guarantee provided by  this Ford Service Center, your product experiencing shortages or damages to the company Additionally, make sure that the time you insist is just a guaranteed time, and then you can obtain a guarantee.

Where and  How Did You Find the Ford Service Center?

Another frequent question in the minds of ford car users is where to find the service station, which has been closed in Indonesia for approximately three years, but is currently reopened and is very easy to find.

Currently, service stations are available throughout Indonesia and almost all cities. Jakarta, Bekarasi, Banderang, Banderang, Yogyakarta, Semarang and other cities. In fact, wherever you are, now you have no problem finding an official Ford service station.

If you need answers or solutions to some problems, you can contact and contact this Ford brand’s official call center directly.

The number of ford services available is 0807-1-1-90-900000. This call center service is from 08.00 p.m. to 17 p.m. Not only can you ask a variety of questions but you can also email indo.customersupport@rmagroup address. You can ask anything freely.

As a ford car user, your concerns have disappeared today, and all your buildings and privileges are fully with the return of the Ford Service Center Can be enjoyed: Ford Inc. in Indonesia will always try to provide the best service for its customers, as confidence will rise.

Now it’s time for the four-wheeled Ford to enjoy all the maximum services: Pampa regular maintenance, replacement of original components and components, and air European products, Ford cars, are often scarce in parts.

Make sure you always focus on the needs of your car so that you can always maintain the quality and performance of your car, not only for tomorrow’s needs but also for the next year So delegate everything to the Ford Worship Center, which is always doing the total in providing  services to you.

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