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Use BNI Call Center to Solve Banking Problems Quick Access

Account holders  can access BNI call centers to obtain information related to bank accounts. Based on a solid foundation that has been formed for decades, BNI always strives to serve and maintain the satisfaction of its customers by providing the best possible service.

The commitment to providing the best possible customer service is always retained so they can continue to provide innovation and development in service facilities. Choosing a variety of services, products and assistance are aimed at easing customers’ operations, BNI tries to provide all customers’ needs.

In the face of problems with savings accounts or other banking products, the solution obtained is to go directly to the branch. In addition to these methods, you can also use online services or call the hotline.  BNI can be used to get an ambulance when a call center is pressed.

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This support service is the solution to eliminate various banking problems related to all customer operations.  One stop the existence of a single solution  is the fruit of decades of experience serving the needs of Indonesian banks. Consultations can include information on savings accounts, loans, bank products such as telephone banks.

You can use a hotline, fax or e-mail  .  Please ask different questions or complain about issues, the service of  experienced and friendly customers will help as much as possible. Want to learn more about this service, please see the description below:

BNI Call Center mijozlar uchun mo’ljallangan

There are  many who are still reluctant to use call center services because they think the service is time consuming, so they prefer to come and queue in the branches. Some people think that only important customers can access this information and helpline when this is not the case.

Each account holder has the same rights when using the service because it is intended for all customers. It can be used by both individuals and organizations. Active customers with accounts and debit cards can use this help desk when having questions or problems.

Whether it’s savings accounts, debit or credit card outages, or problems with conveniences such as the Internet or mobile banking. Even frequent problems such as a password forgetting call centre  can be complained  about and helped solve it immediately.   More BNI call center  services can be accessed through:

  1. The owner or account holder is accompanied by an ATM (debit) card.
  2. The customer phone is listed in the list of members of the banking service. The customer registered a mobile phone number for bank transactions.
  3. Client holding a credit card .
  4. Special account holders of institutions or business entities such as Taplus Bisnis, Giro etc
  5. Holders of power of attorney on accounts of the institution or business entities.

This way, you can use the services of the Assistant Center, as all account holders have access to them. If you really need help and have questions about savings accounts, debit or credit cards, i-banking, m-banking or other possibilities, please contact your 24-hour hotline.

Customer Support at BNI Call Center

As mentioned above, the presence of a support and education center will help you find solutions to your various banking problems. Keeping in touch between customers and banks is the primary function of a 24-hour hotline. In addition to receiving information related to your account, other services may be accessed, such as:

  1. Reporting loss of debit or credit card, as well as blocking.
  2. Change or restore the pin of a telephone banking institution.
  3. Debit and credit card locking
  4. Knowledge of different BNI product information such as accounts, current accounts, deposits, loans, etc.
  5. Find information about the possibilities and features of credit cards.
  6. Balance sheet data and the last five operations.
  7. Transfer of funds between other accounts in BNI and between banks.
  8. Bank transfer using RTGS services.
  9. Pay different fees, such as credit card fees or payment of a fee.
  10. Request information on credit card transactions.

Here are  some help you can get by accessing the  BNI call center  .  24-hour quick access can help customers at any time, even providing financial and business planning assistance. Services are provided free of charge with a friendly and informed service.

This one-stop help center service is really very helpful for customers because it’s always available. However, this call center  service should be  used wisely.  Use it when you really need it, because to access  a hotline, you should often wait in line.

How to contact BNI Call Center?

Account holders who are having problems with the bank or wanting to get information can use a landline or mobile phone to 1500046 a 1500046 or (021) 30500046 number to request assistance services.  You can use this phone number from within or outside the country. Tariff questions according to the operator to be used.

Telephone lines are not the only way to use the help desk, you can fax 25541203 (021) or email  Use  the email topic  according to the issue  and describe it well and accurately.

Visit the page to access help via various other hotlines provided by BNI. Use BNI call center  fast  service when using  hotline services.  You  do not need to wait for the automated message to end, you can make a choice right away. The following saves reporting time and speeds up the solution:

  1. Once the operator’s voice is heard, call the provided hotline, click 0 to 1 when you want to learn about the savings account. 0 – 2 simple credit card information. 0 – 3 credit services. Information about currency and exchange rates. Information about 0 – 6 credit card opportunities and
  2. If you want to use English, click 1. Use the 1- 1 keys to access your balance sheet data. 1– 2-1 login data last 5 months.
  3. 2 – to block the 1st card and report debit or credit card loss.
  4. 3- Click on the 1&3 – 2 pin recovery service to change the pin. Credit kartangiz to’lovini to’lamoqchi bo’lganingizda 3 – 1 – 1.

The operator asks you to enter a debit card number before entering the bank product data. At this time, the reporting will ask a variety of questions such as accounts, biological mother names and the last balance (not specific to the memorable range). After answering these various questions, the query will be processed.

Hisob egalari uchun BNI Call-markazining afzalliklari

The ease of obtaining information and getting help in solving problems is in the best interests of customers. That’s because Bank Negara Indonesia always tries to help account holders get information and be an assistant in finding solutions to the various transactional problems that have been done.

Easy and fast access will make it easier for customers to eliminate concerns about the ease of saving money, credit payments, and easy to control savings accounts, and provide a sense of security in making investments. Friendly and courteous service can also relieve customers’ concerns when facing problems.

You can also access financial planning, depositing, futures investment, credit programs, mutual funds, exchange rates and various other services by contacting the BNI to one stop one solution call center in addition to various services related  to banking products.

As a public finance institution commissioned to help the public welfare, BNI always striving to keep customers receiving the best service all the time. All customers can access the service directly by telephone . In particular, the BNI call center serves various information related to bank accounts and provides solutions in case of problems.


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